Surviving the Retirement & Sinus Seasons

The month of debauchery is coming to an end. Let’s hope.

My jeans can’t take much more vodka and desserts.

I thought I could easily survive my husband’s parties. Happy Hours, dinners, formal parties. But I enjoyed staying out until the wee hours dancing to Old School Hip Hop. My extensions made it that much more fun-a beacon to the dance floor got errbody goin’.

These days caught up with me: Remember the SinusInfectionOf2016? Yea, it’s back. And resistant to at least 2 antibiotics including the one used to treat Anthrax.

We had a trip to Purdue to meet our scholarship students at the Awards Banquet.  And there was a bubble tea place next to our hotel. Tapioca plus tea plus almond milk. Heaven on a cup. I had my fair share. After days of fever I cracked. Screwdriver? Yes please. Bloody Mary? More please. It stopped the sicky feeling and caring about fever spikes.

In between vodka and bubble tea, I read a ton (okay 4) books on my iPhone while in bed. I wrote to one of the authors via email and she liked my writing!

Currently I’m on a new antibiotic and new but classic book To Kill A Mockingbird.

I’m thinking my first book will be a work of fiction based upon some real things and possibly some Steven King Style thrown in. Maybe a series of books.

Maybe I’m feverish.


2 thoughts on “Surviving the Retirement & Sinus Seasons

  1. I chuckled at the end of your fever driven story and fear that you will be suffering here in Sedona. The winter months allergies and sinus infections are very common. Perhaps we will bump into each other in the Safeway.

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