8th grade; Obsessively silly

The writing style now switches to letters by Hemingway to friends

My 8th grade letters would be folded like Oragami and passed secretly in class…


October 1982 “Booobya Chickie, 

Friday night’s game against the Pirates was awesome! It was so darn cold for cheering so I’m glad we had our coats! Goll! They played Eye of the Tiger! I hope they play it for the Halloween Dance. And Journey too. I love them. I’m going as a Playboy bunny and have a big crush on you know who! Hunky fox!”



November 1982

Mitzi Chicky!

Don’t worry about Sammy. He’s a jerk to treat you like that. You deserve better! Mr. Templeton’s class is so boring. He just tells us to read the next chapter then sits and reads the newspaper. Ugh. I’m not learning anything in here. See you at lunch!



December 1982

Boobya Chickie, Don’t worry about growing up too fast. Your body will kill and you’ll have to wear a Hammock. It sucks. Stay small and cute as long as you can! Let’s get lunch over Xmas break.



January 1983

Mitz! Happy New Year!

My resolution is to lose weight as usual, what did Santa bring you? I got some sugar free chocolate!



February 1983

Boobya Chic,

You look so much cuter in our winter cheer outfits. My sweater is a disaster over my boobs. Makes my name thing crooked too. Ugh! Your Valentine’s dress was so pretty! Did you kiss Mr Man? Are you gonna try out for track? Mr Creeper will make us run too much! Haha!



March 1983

Betty Booper!! You are so good in track! So fast! It was so cold at practice and I smell like Ben-Gay all the time. I can barely walk from sprints. Don’t forget to stretchy stretch!



April 1983

Dear Suze, My dear daughter. Please don’t be sad. When you are older and a mom too, You will see that not being asked to dances and not being a dance princess is not so important. Also, you are the perfect size just as you are. I know it hurts now, but it will pass. Life will change I love you, Dad loves you.



May 1983

Dear Mitzi, I’m so sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean too, I misunderstood. I hope we can still be friends.



June 1983

All Chickies,

I’m so sick. I got mono from one of the 3 babies I watched earlier this summer. My mom says that she has to wake me up to eat a little soup. Food sounds gross. Losing lots of weight-awesome! My guy will be so surprised when he comes back from working in Alaska!


July 1983

Boobya Chickie!

We gotta go see Journey in Boise! I heard that a cool guy named Bryan Adams is the opener! Spaz!!



August 1983

Boobya Chickie! Call everyone! Let’s all go swimming at the Dam before High School comes! I’m so excited for High School and cruise on those boys. It will heal my broken heart.



August 1983

Boobya, the photo from the Dam is back. Oh my God. I’m enormous and horrified. I REALLY need to watch what I eat even though I took that aerobics class all summer after cleaning houses and babysitting. I swear. Ugh 

-Moose girl

Hemingway’s letters to his friends were meant to be encouraging and staying true to his style of writing. His obsession with alcohol and doing things at the right time and what people thought of him began to creep in.

In my letters, it was my eating disorder that began that summer and reached its peak in my sophomore year.

Monsters starved.


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