Day 5 post carb loading and my body has taken me prisoner

This was a terrible experiment.

I’m trapped in my “office” (powder room with giant yearly planning calendar from Jon Acuff) while my body births the last of whatever carb molecules might still be lurking.

The only carbs I had yesterday were a single Bloody Mary because of the partying the night before and a tiny bit of flour on trout almandine at our favourite Bistro.

I ordered a dress for more upcoming events, and well, there was no mention of it being “bodycon” in the description. “I can’t even zip that up!” Said Mr W. “Oh, try” said I, in denial.

It form-fit over every inch of pasta, veg and carb I had ingested over the last 4 days.

On left, what I intended. On right what it felt like.

Bet the dress will fit this morning ;D


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