Early morning lights

Today was one of those mornings were I woke up early.

630 AM

The end of a dream, earbuds squelched, something.

Having grown up in a large city, I love the industrial lights of morning. My love of big industrial things continues. Those early morning lights of something about to happen; things being made, and new ideas.

It’s comforting, though what I see is now a condo parking lot.

“What will happen today? What are people doing in their lives? What jobs are they going to?”

My husband remembers the mid century clock building pictured above from the 1980s when it was still working, it seems that it was kept as a kind of landmark when recently repurposed for condos.

7 AM and construction noises have started below on a beautification project that started just before the Super Bowl.

Things are happening. People are working and it’s exciting.


One thought on “Early morning lights

  1. Hello, nice to receive this American energy France is laking. I call you soon, maybe tonight 😉. Love, twin

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