American jobs Part 3: The Auto industry is so complex & risky, it will blow your mind

It seems I’m not the only one looking into automotive jobs of the past for Michigan. The Detroit Free Press attempted to answer the question “will the automotive jobs our parents/grandparents had come back?”

In short, no.

Those $30/hour with benefits and pensions union jobs are gone. 

Those manufacturing in the auto industry make minimum wage at best, and my guess is that employers employ them for 39 hours to get out of having to provide healthcare benefits.

Like my question to President Trump via Twitter, the Detroit Free Press suggested that he have a breakfast with original auto part makers (not just aftermarket), but big items like axels, seats, electrics, smart key entry, and so on (Pablo Monsivais, Associated Press).

3 companies that were mentioned:



American Axle

There are over 300 of these supplier companies that provide things like seats, keyless entry, and moonroofs for the assembly of cars, which could be “made” by robots in Smyrna, TN or even Canada and still be labeled “made in the US”. 

There’s a severe lack of transparency when it comes to where cars are really “made”.

Understandably, if I owned any of these companies, I would be worried that perhaps I would have invested all this money in manufacturing in the US, only to have the promised lower corporate tax rate go back up to 35% or more in 2 years if Congress completely changes hands in 2018.

Also, if all we get from this administration is the “assembly” bit without more transparency, those in Detroit will be sure to take notice in 2020.

I surely wouldn’t want to be saddled with such a vague political promise.

Image is a modified screenshot from


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