My own brush with “fake (ish) news”

Just after my 2014 major surgery to remove endometriosis all over my abdomen and lesions killing my R kidney, I was asked to do a magazine story.

I was excited and flattered. It even included a glamorous photo shoot and “reporter”.

I put “reporter” in quotes because I have seen a shift from pure “reporting” of the 1970s to “commentating” and “opinion pieces” that came to the fore in 1991 with 24 hour “news” of the Gulf War.

In my case, the “reporter” interviewed me by phone, then sent me a draft of the article. What I said was taken out of context and manipulated to make it seem that all women everywhere should go to this hospital and only see this surgeon and that I had been cured.

In addition, she put words in my mouth that I never even said.

The story never got the green light to publish from a bogged-down surgeons office staff, and it was just as well.

The article had erroneous information and “quotes” that put a bad taste in my mouth with that particular “journalist”.

She heard what she wanted to hear and created an inaccurate story in her own mind, which was far from the truth and she would not change the words citing word count and magazine space.



One thought on “My own brush with “fake (ish) news”

  1. When I came back to the States 5 years ago, to look after my ailing Father, I would yell at the news commentators that what they were saying wasn’t true. Yes I was yelling at the TV, but my Dad was highly entertained and was a good outlet for all the lies I kept seeing and hearing. Established journalism is dying each day, simple everyday people are stepping up and reporting what they see, not what they think about what they see. It’s a terrible experience you had with someone you thought would help spread awareness of endriomosis. Glad you wrote about it!

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