I tried being all Probioitic and my body just laughed

Probiotic diets are now all the rage.

“Eat sauerkraut and you’ll never have to diet again!” Says a 30-something healthy young man.

Or some such silliness.

I was in Whole Foods Monday looking for burrata cheese and decided “what the heck, let’s try it. I’ve tried everything else!”

So I got a chia drink, yogurt, a kachina doll and some other nefarious looking “k” thing.

Chia drink was tasty and hurt my gut a little within 20 minutes. So did the kambucha the next day, or was that the kachina doll?

Also, my “wings” felt fat. My “wings” are my back scars where genetic excess skin was cut off last year. They are my metric when I put on weight.

Oh, you’re weird.

I’m thinking I should get gold tats on my wings.

I do these experiments so you don’t have to.

So, back to my regular schtick of watching my intake on My Fitness Pal. 


Gut bugs can go to hell. I already provided the wings to get them there faster….


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