Social Media: Just Stop with the cakes, cats and pitbulls

I began to notice too many cats on my Facebook feed. 

Some years ago, I got rid of many cat cards I had received over the years, scanning the images and only keeping the babyist of vintage cards.

I’m allergic to cats and am not really a cat person unless the cat is huge and acts like a dog.

But not a pitbull. 

Don’t get me (or my dad) started. We had one that we began to raise kindly; it bit us kids. The End.

No matter how many “hides” of cake recipes and pitbulls I do, the list continues.

There isn’t a “no cats” button on FB yet. 

“Dear God, how did I get here?”
By “liking” 1 cat other than Miss Grumpycat?

Facebook knows I have a weakness for mini goats and mini horses in sweaters…yet, where are all the new adorable videos of them?…Alas….

I have unfollowed sites like “Go Animals” and “The Dodo”, hoping the change in feed will be picked up by the automatrons at FB.

I also have suspended my Instagram account and got rid of Snapchat when advertisers got a hold of it and strangled the fun out of it.

“What about all your Instagram photos?!”

There’s an app for that called InstaSaver and you will need a laptop to get all your photos off Instagram but it works.

“Don’t you need all that Social Media for promoting!”

If it was a business, yes. But it’s a hobby and I gain followers by word of mouth and I’m fine with that.  It doesn’t matter how many readers I have, it matters if what I write provides someone with a laugh, an idea, or some encouragement.

I got rid of LinkedIn too since no one volunteered in the last two years to ghostwrite my memoirs….

Really just 1 account on Facebook to check a few things and ideas is fine. I was becoming a little over saturated.

What about you?

Are you  over-saturated with Social Media?

What have you done about it?


One thought on “Social Media: Just Stop with the cakes, cats and pitbulls

  1. Hi Janet,

    I’ve got a basic solution: no Social account and I am already saturated by post mail and mails 😉.

    Excellent article. I like 😉

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