You will get angry customers, but how will you handle it?

I don’t have an “earned income” business per se, but I do sell clothes and accessories on Tradesy.

It’s interesting and I learn about sales, customers & marketing on resale.

To date, I have 142 sales and have made about $700 net in sales over 2 years. I don’t get rich but it helps me keep my closets decluttered and provides bargains for some and is more satisfying than sheer donation.

Today I got my first angry customer.

Threats such as “I’ll REPORT YOU!! and “You should be ashamed!”

My heart was racing.

I’m a Golden Retriever when it comes to sales. (I was a terrible shoe salesperson at 17).

As an honest person, I tried my best to represent the product as best as I could for a fair price ($65 retail for $11).

“How would the Ritz Carlton handle this?” ‘The answer is YES, what is the question?’

I composed myself and wrote “Certainly, a full refund if you are not happy. I have not had this problem before, but please allow me to phone Tradesy on your behalf and get you a full refund. I am so very sorry you were not happy with the order.”

I realize that it’s not the product she’s mad about; it’s something else. Perhaps a family member or pet died, or she was fired or cut off in traffic.

It doesn’t matter if I get the item back or not. It matters that my customers are happy getting nice things for a low price. If she is not happy about it or feels cheated, then I feel cheated and want to make things right.

It’s the way Ritz Carlton would do it.

WWRCD? (What Would Ritz Carlton Do?)


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