Fragrance hack- Other sexes’ cologne or perfume

I’ve never felt manly.
And I prefer to wear dresses.
But I can wear some men’s colognes.
Most perfumes turn to a baby powder smell on me.
It’s skin chemistry! Or is it?
Some experts suggests it’s more “brain chemistry” and alcohol evaporation.

Perfume and cologne makers dilute the perfume oils into alcohol so that you can smell various notes over time. If they only sold the oil, it would be like “hearing an orchestra play all its notes at once.”

Top notes-usually sharp and citrusy, first 15 minutes.
Heart notes-after 4 hours
Base notes-after 8 hours
My brain setting must be set to smell baby powder on most perfumes. The powdery sweet base notes of most perfumes make me nauseous-why?
An old memory. My ex mother-in-law wore Obsession or Shalimar in the late 1980s. It’s probably recorded in my brain as a disstress memory while shopping “I’ve gained weight! I’m your size now!”

You have issues.

I know. I get to work them out here on this blog. 😀

How to try them men’s colognes?

*Magazine samples




Which to try? Right now I’m enjoying These:

Versace Eros

Gucci por homme II


Also try layering with your fav perfume-woodsy scents can cut through the powder.
“Lumberjack dress” is a thing apparently.   

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