No Mumsy-dress your body shape

I thought I knew my body shape until I saw horrifying photos of me in a scoop neck or something ethereal and Boho.

I must let go of the fantasy that I could be Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

Let’s take a moment to mourn…


Ah. Better now. 

Each season, I looked forward to what was new in fashion and loved anything that looked very fashion-forward and edgy on 6′ tall models without boobs. Watching Project Runway has taught me that designers design for runway flow and that boobs larger than “A” get in the way.

The average bra size in the US is now 34DD. Forget trying to jog with the “girls”; that is like trying to gracefully float down the Runway with 2 melons. 

Designers would faint:

“They didn’t even look at my designs AT ALL!”


So here we are, year after year of teen spaghetti straps, dumpy scoop necks and mumsy sheath dresses that look terrible on most US ladies.

How do I dress “the girls” now?

I look for these things:


*Faux wrap or real wrap dress or shirts

*Capped sleeves or 3/4 sleeves

*Wide-strapped v-neck tanks

*Empire waists with v necks


*Halter style top (dress or shirt)

*Stretchy material 

*Fabulous cuts

Where can I find that?

I began shopping for day and evening dresses in boutique stores to check the fit of 2 designers and they are super, stretchy, and don’t wrinkle.

J McLaughlin

Joseph Ribkoff

J McLaughlin is true to size and the style that fits so well (above) is called “Catalyst”.

Joseph Ribkoff dresses fit true to size sans bra (you won’t need one for most styles because they are cut so well). Go up a size in the dress with a bra.

While my dress shops will be bummed that I have discovered Ebay (cost 80% less), I’ll still keep going in to try on dresses and clothes to stay away from being Mumsy.

How about casual clothes like trousers and such?

I’m just beginning to see which brands, fabrics and styles will work but I do know this:

* a high-waisted pant will make your butt look BIGGER. Some girls want that (Kardashian), but I don’t. If it makes the lovely Gigi Hadid look big, I want no part of that.

Look for:

*bootcut (balances top half)-you can even do crop bootcuts-I call my black boot-cut cropped pants  my “Star Trek phasers-on-stun” pants.

*skinnies (jeans or moto leggings). Idk how they always look great but they do.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep looking for great things at low prices & keep you posted πŸ˜€
Image: Yours truly at J McLaughlin dressing room. You can bet this dress went home with me!


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