Dollar Store Decor Hack for Autumn

My forray into home decor continues.

I’m not sure it will ever be as adorable as my friend who is very crafty and has a wonderful knack for it.

This time of year, Michaels craft store has candles 3/$10 USD. It’s such a bargain for the start of the Holiday Season, which now feels like Back-to-School in August through Valentine’s Day. 

I bought fresh sunflowers last week for $6 and within a day, the water turned murky and they began to droop.

Oprah, a florist, and the Dollar Store to the rescue!

Make cheap flowers look expensive:         I learned from the Oprah show that the key to making cheap flowers look expensive is to have a single kind of flower in the same colour.

A florists expensive look tip:                     Use a small vase and cut the flowers to just skim the top. I watched and learned from watching a florist do this:

Bring the vase to the edge of a counter. Hold the flowers up to the vase to see where the blooms sit just on top of the vase. Be sure to note where the true bottom of the vase is. Then cut the flowers.

For an extra touch, use jute or burlap to tie around the vase in a cute bow.

Dollar store bunches are only $1 each.           For a smal vase, choose 2 bunches of the same flower. Cut them after lining up the vase via the counter method and remove extra foliage and leaves if needed.

Happy decorating!


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