Common sense and plain dealing

Emerson wrote:

“Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing.”

It’s been a while since I sold anything on

There are no shortage of weirdos, robots and liars it seems.

Take selling my nearly new Nexus 6 phone with box for example:

After I sifted through the robot responses and “please send this to my cousin in West Africa” texts, I got an offer I thought was legit.

On the day of the exchange, suddenly, the buyer didn’t have the $ for it and wanted another $60 off the already low price. When I said the deal was off, suddenly he had the full amount again.

And he wondered why I called off the deal.

I said it was because he lied to me.

He continued to beg.

I was done.

I don’t deal with liars.

Neither should you.


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