Paleo Wraps -wheat-free, low imflammation, low carb

There’s a great product out there for crepes, sandwich wraps, burritos, quesadillas  and soft tacos:

Paleo Wraps!

Made from coconut flour instead of wheat which can be inflammatory for most people.

On a whim at Whole Foods the other day, I happened upon these little gems in the frozen section.

That night was Taco Night and the soft tacos were  a hit! Mr. W liked them very much. He’s such a good sport when I experiment on him.

For crepes or soft tacos-grill on LOW heat with butter or canola oil. Maybe even put a cheese “cushion” between the pan and the Paleo Wrap-it cooks in 10 seconds!

Fill with your favourite things-cheese, avocado, tomatoes…

I’m sure there is a nice crepe recipe out there I could try, though I won’t know until I get more of these delicious things.

Carbs 8g

Fiber 5g

Net Carbs 3g

Available at Whole Foods and,

And many other online places,


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