How to save a knitted sweater

I love to amaze Mr. W with my remembering ABBA lyrics and thrifty ways to do things.

Enter the pulled knitted sweater and my grandma Knutsen: She was a home economics teacher who taught my mom who then taught me how to fix clothes when I was little.

I saw this knitted sweater at Kohls before going to see a movie (the movie AC is way too crazy for me).

$6.00, a bargain. Plus and additional 25% off : $4.25 for a brand new super-soft muppet-skin sweater.

It came with its own repair kit too-no not the extra yarn, the small safety pin in the tag.

I straightened out the safety pin, then used the hook part like a crochet needle to wrap the pulled yarn around it and pull it back through to the inside.

Next, I will cut and gently tie the yarn inside.

Voila! Like new $60 sweater.


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