When I can’t sleep

Some nights I can’t sleep, so I do puzzles on my phone.

My favourite is the JigsawPuzzles Epic app by Kristanix. Most are free and the music is relaxing.

I love the puzzle above: Tiffany blue with the cocoa creme coffee. I did that in the wee hours this morning. Zooming in on the swirls of the browns and the tiger stripes of the doughnuts, I let my mind float around in the puzzle.

No charging on as I do with Ancestry or stressing a little at Blossom Blast level 239 or cute tomatoes in one of King’s other adorable little games.


Tomatoes stress you out?

They do if I am trying to see the cute blue animated goat jump across my screen!

Not Epic puzzles though, I can work a puzzle by colour or shape. I can put it away for a few days and come back to it.

Often, I recall a funny puzzle we had when I was a kid. “Closeup of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”. It was a large circle with every single piece the exact milk chocolate colour. I think I put it together one winter by a crackling fire.

My mind finds those monochromes oddly relaxing, figuring out how to rotate the pieces into the right shapes.





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