Once a year, fries! No Hot Pockets!

Like Suzanne Sommers, once a year, on or near my birthday, I indulge.

That includes cake and fries. Not just a fry or two over the year, but as much as I want.

I find that this year, I got way too full and it felt really painful. I’m not used to this amount of food, so today I’m reeling it in.

I’m wondering if allowing myself a treat once a month will give me relief from “orthorexia”-following an eating plan so strictly, that it makes you lose your mind a bit and overdo it when given the chance.

These fries from the concession at a Jim Gaffigan concert were really good. Jim Gaffigan is known for his “hot pockets” stand-up. If you haven’t seen Jim G, here’s some samples:

For my non US readers-to explain some of our funny tv culture:

Hot Pockets are microwave cheap food sandwiches.


Mennen was a men’s grooming line with a song that would stick in your head:

Hot Pockets:

McDonalds fries:

I’ll keep you posted.


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