Staging designer trick #3-seating at the end of the master bed. Repost

I had some reports of the image not showing yesterday ( that will teach me to cut and paste pics instead of inserting them!). Here is a repost.

This gem was right under my nose at the ranch. This terrific teak bench we bought from our good friends who had lived in Indonesia and all over the world.
I looked on the Internet for a white tufted seat bench that could double as end-of-master-bed seating.
Then it occurred to me-we have many benches outside but the teak one would look fab inside, decorated as “farmhouse chic!”
And so it does.
With my outdoor wide-brimmed gardening hat, a green blanket rolled to look like a bolster pillow, and a pillow from Marshall’s Homegoods. One could easily find these at Walmart too.
Notice how it makes the space appear BIGGER. It kind of fools the eye and gives the bed a sleigh bed type look too.
We are done with ranch renovations and ready for potential buyers.
Our real estate agent said “Wow, Fabulous!” yesterday!
This great bench is coming with us to Sedona!


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