Dior bag or a water well in Africa?

I have expensive taste and am currently Jonsing over a red lady Dior handbag. Vogue issues monthly  “purse porn”. Look at those beautiful sturdy handles….

Look at that price tag! $3,000!

I could help drill 1/2 a water well in Africa!

I started googling various water well organisations and quickly found myself in dumb pages describing “motherhood and apple pie”: vague “women and children” (what about men?) statements that told me nothing about the real impact these groups make.

Even my church has a transparent annual budget of money received, overhead (cost to run it-electricity, preacher, water), and donations to the local community. Last year our church gave thousands to the battered women’s shelter in Huntsville. It was real, on paper, making a difference in our community.

I googled “Africa water wells Dave Ramsey”. He has a foundation run by one of his children and I found bloodwater.org. I looked on their site for any concrete information and still found nefarious vague information with the “women and children” lumped group that infuriates me to no end.

So, I emailed bloodwater:

“What is your annual budget? Overhead? IRS#? Cost of Maintenence of the wells? Who maintains and tests the wells?”

Forget the fancy purse. Who cares?

I want to help others instead or toting a fancy purse but I want to do it responsibly. Donated money should not just go into a black hole (if you want to waste $ on a poorly-run organisation and get loads of junk paper mail, phone calls and crap such as Tshirts, by all means, sign up for the national ASPCA. What a nightmare THAT was).

Ask for fiscal transparency.

I’ll let you know how this goes.


3 thoughts on “Dior bag or a water well in Africa?

  1. I looked up Blood Water on charity navigator.org and they have one star out of 4 because they spend a large amount of their budget on fundraising.

    1. You’re right. They responded to me very quickly with the 2014 budget and I asked them why they spent so much on fundraising. The reply was that they’re looking into reducing this cost.
      I also heard from the other organisation and similarly, spending seemingly too much on fundraising.

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