A Vlog Hair tutorial for “not 20”


Video logs about hairstyles.

It’s what I watch when I can’t sleep until 3AM and am out of lives on Demi Lovato or Blossom Blast.

So many videos featuring 20-somethings with a million followers and perfectly even hairlines.

My hairline is crooked-always has been. Hence my need for bangs.

“10 easy hairstyles for Spring?”

Braids and bows, really?


The last time I wore a headband was 1982.

So what’s a more mature girl supposed to do?

Make my own videos?

“No… because Creepers” says my husband.


I managed to find some videos that were really helpful and then I shopped for products.

It seems that the trick to doing beachy waves with short hair is TRACTION.

You need a spray called a “texturing spray” for the curling tool to grip. Several different ways to do it:
*Texturing spray like “spray clay”
*Grip powder
*Dry shampoo

This allows a curling iron to grip onto the hair and for waves to stay in tact. I used the “actress method” – two CA actresses doing waves on short hair.

I’m from Texas, so the CA accent is hilarious to me:

*Flashback to 1983-blowdry hair upside down. I have had a full life- been to Paris twice

*Split hair horizontally 3 ways and clip the upper 2.

*Small sections down low, wider sections above

* Curl only the mid part of hair and not the ends, we don’t want to be a Breck Girl from 1974.

*Curl the middle section HORIZONTALLY. This creates volume for upper layer (mind blown)

I like Style Sexy Spray Clay and W8less hair spray (for travel). Look how wee it is (pink, top). Adorable.


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