Vodka is not a good snack choice


I’m trying the My fitness pal app again. It’s been updated to allow you to control what it is that you watch- calories, carbs, fat, sugar.

I have mine set to 1,200 calories,  ketogenic( less than 20g carbs).

It’s harder than it sounds.

I had a protein and fat breakfast and lunch and felt like having a snack while the plumbers were plumbing at the ranch.

I thought “oh, it would be nice to have a wee vodka and read a book!”
So, I hopped onto my app and realised that if I did that, I could not have dinner with my husband. Albeit, it’s a few bites of steak and a few fries, but, still.

Plus, I remember what my body does with alcohol. “De novo fat”.


And no bites of ice cream either.



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