Ketogenics, counting calories


“Counting calories” reminds me of old-timey dieting.

It conjures images of iceberg lettuce, grapefruit and homemade buttermilk dressing from powder. Let’s toss in those fat-jiggling belts from yore (above).

I may have been doing the ketogenic eating plan wrong: It seems that the mix of foods needs to be:
1,000 calories/day (more if you’re a guy)
75% fat                (750 cals)
10% carbs.          (100 cals)
15% protein.        (150 cals)

How on earth can I accomplish THAT?!

I’m learning new recipes, but my current secret is dollar store pork rinds. They are 100% fat and can be made into all kinds of incredible things. “Cheetos”, pancakes, bread….

I felt that I ate a lot yesterday, though my husband contends that I “eat like an anorexic bird”. I was full and satisfied.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: 3 cups coffee with 3 pats butter and liquid stevia.

Lunch: 180 cals of pork rinds with 1/2 cup (4oz) taco beef, 1 thin slice Colby jack cheese

Dinner: bowl of pork rind “cheetos” and sugar free Tang squirt in ice water

Snack: some Macadamia nuts, decaf coffee with pats of butter.

I’m down 3 lbs and getting closer to my goal and being able to do my doctor checkup. 6 lbs to go.

What was I doing wrong before?
*Not counting calories
*Not measuring my food
*Assuming that salame and cheese  had no carbs (some are loaded)
*Only doing “maintenence-level” workouts 3x/week.

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