Meet my baby girl, “Meep”


I have a virtual baby daughter named “Meep”.

She’s so adorable and I look forward to playing with her each day.

You have really lost it…

Naw, it’s fun!

She eats, poos, and gets mad and then happy.


I can change her outfits, put her down for a nap, clean her up, tickle her, feed her and pet her.

I have learned that the worst thing to spend gold coins on is a car and “upgrading it”. Things for the garden or furniture are lame too. The lava lamp and silly clothes are the most fun.

Sometimes, she will just jump in the air and make a cute toddler noise- that’s my favourite- and makes me laugh every single time.

My husband swore he “heard Meep in the grocery store the other day.”

I can earn gold coins by playing an internal game similar to Candy Crush to buy her food or make her treats from the kitchen.

It’s a fun app to let your mind relax and “space out” for a few minutes.

Meep app.

Fun, relaxing. Zen.


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