Freeway Food Desert & Puttymobile


We’re back from a fun trip in Chicago and a road trip from Indiana.

The food was incredible in Chicago and South Bend. I ate insanely fabulous charcuterie and most places knew how to make a potato vodka and water so I could add my Tang squirt to it.

Illinois farmland is where the good food ended.

Few things make me feel as gross as a road trip.

I used to LOVE roadtrips. Bad food, sweaty body, and greasy hair was part of the fun. But my body no longer has Grave’s disease and is no longer 20ish, so I can’t eat ice cream, fries, chips and so on.

In addition, our rent car was this HORRIBLE Jeep Renegade that was so uncomfortable and dangerous (blending into the colour of pavement), we dubbed it “puttymobile”. I’m a bit on the fence weather the pitiful 12 gallon gas tank was good or bad. We had to stop A LOT. My bladder was happy about THAT.


Our turnpikes and freeways are an unhealthy “food dessert” with nothing available quickly except burgers and chicken breast salads. Boring, yuck, bleah. Bread, potatoes, bread, sugar, sugar and more sugar. Even jerky was loaded with sugar.

I haven’t felt hunger in over a week, so I feel disgusting.

Today I am taking a much- needed break from food to clear out my body and get back on track.

I had planned to stay so disciplined in Chicago, but alas, the weather was gorgeous and outdoor cafes beckoned.

Today, I’ll just have some of the sfh whey protein with psyllium shake, coffee, and maybe some eggs later.

It’s a new day.


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