MAC LipGlass hack & Plate Tectonics


I love the lipgloss by MAC called “LipGlass”. It’s smooth and stays on for over an hour.

Do I ever have a hack for you…

On a whim, I tried a sample of MAC “LipGlass” in clear while shopping last week. Then, I thought I would try the dollar store brand before plunking down the $15 for MAC.

I LOVE this LA gloss for $1 and cannot tell a difference from the MAC brand.

My lips have not been in such good shape since I was a baby-smooth, unchapped. Lip eczema, people, it’s not pretty.

I can wear lipstick properly for the first time ever without it looking like Plate Tectonics in fuchsia.

“Is that the Marianas Trench on your lips?!”

Sharing this with my dermatologist will be a hoot: “Yes, Honney, Dollar store!”

Available at Family Dollar and Dollar tree.


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