Mortals and Models: Online consigning update


Mortals and Models. Online consigning update.

Some of you may recall this classic episode of Sex and the City wherein the single men of New York would only date models. The mortal girls felt they didn’t stand a chance.

Carrie gets a chance to be on the runway and falls.

“Oh my God, she’s fashion roadkill!” (As Heidi Klum steps over her).

I was surprised to learn that at least one site was not only ageist, but required real models. Yes, really.

Here’s the updated buzzfeed consignment list for mortals and models for SELLING:

For Mortals:
1. Twice
Part of their app was purchased by eBay. They are shut down.

2. Tradesy*****Mortals celebrate!

Many mortal-type labels including Aeropostale. Fairly easy. You take the pic, they clean it up for you. I love this one and have made over $700 here on lower and mid-brand labels like New York and Company and Ann Taylor. “What?! Ann Taylor is “mid brand”? Yes, my fellow mortals, it is.  Louboutin, Prada are “high brand” and for models. Most working folks buying these brands probably have a leased Lexus too.
You can get paid via PayPal for a small fee. Then you can push PayPal funds directly to your checking account. Pretty awesome!

3. Poshmark.
You take the pic and describe. They charge $2.95/item below $15 (30% is lower than my consignment shop). Above $15, they only charge 20%. I usually shop here for shoes jackets & accessories. Requires much scrolling if you are waiting in line.

Avoid this one for selling:
Threadup-great for buying but you may want to steer clear of selling. Reviews for this app warn that they have been reported to the BBB and may be stealing “unacceptable” clothes that later get sold on ebay. Still in business it looks like. Avoid.

For Models:
1. Threadflip -failed
Label snobbish. Use the full service-they will photograph and list. Cost is the same as diy at a 20% cut. It failed, what a shock.

2. Shop Hers – bought out
Bought out buy Tradesy.

3. SnobSwap-pass
Mobile hostile for Android. Could not find the “consign” button or link after chatting with help. You must photograph with a white background. Description a bit more freeform than Shop Hers, so may end up with “nice dress!”. At least Calvin Klein listed. You can trade or get paid via paypal.

4. Bib and Tuck- Shut down in 2015.
Easy to start but you take your own photos-up to 5 for a single item. You put in size, description (leaving this to the user results in many “cute shirt!” unhelpful descriptions). The labels are very high end, so you’ll be sending your precious Vuitton in a prepaid box. Um.. Let me see.. I’m retired… No Vuitton here. They get 15% cut. Has good selling ratings but sounds like you get credit to buy other things here rather than cash in your pocket.

5. Refashioner
Meh. Didn’t see a way to sell for the masses.Again for high-end label models. You set up a store there and can follow other people who may have stuff you want. I did see Mr. Mizrahi listed as acceptable but I doubt this includes his Target line…they take a 22% cut and expect you to be highly involved. Pass. Get a life.

6. MaterialWrld -No search tool. Spend a bit more for some basic programming perhaps. Very high end and exclusive brands. Whoever owns a closetful of this doesn’t need the $. They will send you a kit, you can print a prepaid label or they can pick up.

7. Vaunte – Not for mortals. If you have $250-$900 to drop on a used handbag, then go nuts but don’t complain when you still have to work in your 80’s. Uber high-end labels again. You take the pics and describe. Their take is 15% once an item sells.

8. TheRealReal
For Models
I did a search for Ann Taylor and New York and Company. Nada. The take price for lux is 40% on their end too- same as  physical consignment shop. Pass

9. Asos -Seems to no longer do consigning- at least I could not find how to do it in the app.

For Morons:
mobile hostile. Would you trust those that still think it’s 1995? No.

Seems to be defunct. I was redirected to the wattpad app and then a French site with links.

Image credit
Carrie looking fab then falling face-first on catwalk. Sex and the City. HBO


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