Did Groupon deserve a second chance?


Years ago I posted that “Groupon kinda sucks” because it would often take me far across the city, into the dodgy areas, or both.

Since retiring, I have missed my eyelash extensions. They were such a timesaver when I was still working.

But what about now?

I grew tired of goopy mascara, smudges, clumps and the hassle.

I wanted to “wake up cute” again. I have blond eyelashes, so would usually wake up looking like Ron Weasley. He’s a cute boy, but no girl wants to wake up and be a cute boy.

So, why not give Groupon another whirl?

Over the next year, I will use Groupon for my lashes and have a Houston list of the best among the group.

I had been going to Apple Lash in Rice U Village for years, but I couldn’t always get Lilly, my favourite Lash artist. Sometimes I would get Grumpy Girl.

“You’re LATE!”
No, my calendar had this time…

“You waited TOO LONG!”
I couldn’t get an appointment last week…

Almost nothing worse than being held captive by a grumpy woman reluctantly doing your lashes except laser hair removal by someone mean. 8o

How will I judge on a scale of 1-10?

*Customer Service

First up
1. Luxe Lash (gets a 9+ overall)
Location- 10. Easy to get to-right near Edloe, Buffalo Speedway area on Alabama. Took 10 minutes to get there.

Cleanliness– 10. Salon new, clean with new style furniture and photos.

Atmosphere – 9 Relaxing music playing. Lights fluorescent, a bit bright in waiting area. Dimmer lights and a fountain in waiting area would give it a 10 for me.

Friendliness– 10. Very friendly. Donuts on offer in waiting room. If she had offered donut holes, I would have ruined my diet, but I stayed strong, my friends.

Customer service– 10. Very responsive to texts, helped immediately with directions. Not pushy with setting up refill appointment. No need to call. A text person. Just like me. Incidentally, I’m going to wear each set of lashes until they grow out-takes about 2 months and then get a new full set.

Value-10. $42 for a set of size 10 mink lashes, $62 with a good tip. (When you are out of debt, you can tip well and I love to surprise deserving young folks in our workforce). Plus, free parking. Apple Lash cost $5 to park.

Love this place! It will be hard to beat!


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