Forget Disneyworld, get this VR viewer!


The future is here and just in time for summer!

Can’t cough up the $10,000 it might cost a family of 5 for 3 days at Disneyworld? (Airfare, hotel, car, meals and $4,200 for tickets)?

Get these cardboard 3D immersive glasses that fit onto your smartphone for $9.99!

I saw an article on them in Money magazine and I am hooked on the rollercoaster.

There are parks, diving, skydiving, dinosaurs and all kinds of fun things!


Skip the lines and sunburns!
Save your money!
Such a fun toy for about $10!

Be sure to search for “cardboard vr + your kind of phone) “cardboard vr iPhone 6” or “cardboard vr Nexus 7”

Once you get your cardboard viewer , look on Google play or the iphone app store for “vr”. A whole bunch of apps come up to install to try. (Install when connected to wifi at home to save on data).

Start with a rollercoaster.
*take phone out of case
*start the vr app like roller coaster
*place it horizontally

So much fun!


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