I can’t read!


It seems that I can no longer read.

I find myself flipping through my magazines zeroing in on the pictures and telling myself stories about it. “Oh, that’s new!” or “Wow, I have never seen THAT before!” or

“This is MARY. Mary is 12 and size 0000. Mary has a pretty outfit and giant lips. Mother and Father love Mary and want her to eat a bit more.”

My eyes have changed and EVERYTHING is SO TEENY TINY.

And I’m lazy about finding and putting on my reading glasses.

I’m not shy about asking younger folks at grocery stores to read ingredients to me.

“Is there DEXTROSE in there? Because CORN and WAR…”

I need a picture book magazine with HUGE TYPEFACE like 24 font or higher with simply:

MORE Magazine, targeted at more mature audiences, like moi, went out of business. They asked some years ago how to improve. Readers unanimously wrote “BIGGER PAGES”.

And so, the magazine arrived with bigger pages,  but still with size 2 font.

Now subscribers had an unpackable mag whose letters were lost in a sea of paper aside from the occasional LANCOME. “Hey! I recognize some letters!”

I think what subscribers really wanted was LARGER TYPEFACE.

Oh, wouldn’t that be fab?!

Those writing for magazines might soon get a company memo:

“Yeeeaa…..if you could just jot down those thoughts in 140 words or less…that would be greeeeat”


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