Metabolic Aftershock week 2


Firstly, a sad end of an era with the loss of Prince. Legacy post coming soon.

Nearing the end of week 2 of the Metabolic Aftershock programme.

*No weight loss yet- I attribute this to getting into the peanut butter my husband made at a volunteer food pantry day last week. I told him that the “mouse in the house has found the PB” and made my mouse chittering sound. PB is heroin for me. Dang. Also, I have allowed myself a breakfast shake even if not hungry. In the afternoon, these intense workouts have made me so HANGRY that I would eat the walls given the chance.

*Body shape is changing. Yes! I’m looking more tone and actually look into a mirror post shower again. “Hey you! You’re kinda cute for 47! Look at those battle scars, you badass! You survived! Keep up the good work but don’t throw away the tanning spray.’

My arms are smaller- have graduated to the smaller compression arm thingies. Gonna be cyuuute in summer dresses. Yayass!

*Feeling more energetic, stronger and more coordinated. When I first attempted “dive bombers” my inner Madea said “aw heeell naw! Bouy, I need to introduce ya to mah fryin pan!” But now, I am feeling more snake-like in my spine swooping down to da ground like Britney Spears ala 2000s music video.


So, I’m encouraged by the physical results and will keep at it and reduce food intake.

Reporting back next week 😀

Image acknowledgement to Britney Spears (I could not find the original owner)


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