Upward-facing Girl


Upward-facing girl

End of week 1 of Metabolic Aftershock programme.

Maybe I lost 2 lbs, but who knows if that’s water. When you get within 10lbs of a goal, it’s so difficult to know for sure.

In addition to my mean-nurse scale, I go by my ears. Yes, the ones that lose fat around the eustacheon tubes when I get close to my fightin’ weight. (Condition is called PET and causes roaring tinnitus and clicking-fun!)

My appetite is certainly less with adding fibre to meat or my protein shake.


“What?! You have to REMEMBER?!”

Yes, I’m a foodophobe. A long story involving vienna sausages in a Holly Hobbie lunchbox on Burrito Day in a childhood cafeteria and “fatty fatty 2×4” references….Future post perhaps…

So, how did the programme go?
I couldn’t eat 2 fibre protein shakes + 1 solid meal + 2 snacks/day, just 1 shake plus a low carb bit of meat with spinach and olive oil.

I have to admit, at first I thought this would be SO DORKY with the background 80s rock guitars and downright horrible website. But once I started, all I could hear was the trainer’s voice. ENCOURAGING me to REST and “I LOVE IT when you rest!” For a perfectionist, resting and being encouraged was the HARDEST part.


Bring on the Squueezie lunges!

By the end of the week, I certainly feel much stronger by allowing my body to work properly, rest and be fed.

And my upper bod is looking good!


Today I bought the yoga mat above from Walmark. You read it right. My college buddy, Anne Valerie, from France, first called it “The Walmark”. Her English is so good and adorable at times, the name stuck. So, retail giant, I dub thee “The Walmark”!

Notice that the mat is foldable “for travel”.

Ah, guilt built in.



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