Creeper-free Condo


My condo has a new management company and new staff.

The Condo Creeper is gone!

Now, I’m no longer afraid to use our gym nor do I have to wear pepper spray inside.

And it’s a good thing.

Doc checkup today.

10 lbs must come off.

I’m going to try the Metabolic Aftershock programme and cardio in between. See how my body likes THAT.

Take THAT!

On a side note, a woman was attacked just outside our main entrance about 2 months ago, making me afraid to use Bcycle rental bikes or go on walks in the neighborhood anymore.

I think I will drive to the night heron neighborhood and walk around there instead.

And yes, we will be moving in a few years.

Tired of the sirens, the weeknight party people, booming cars.


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