Metabolic Aftershock – Giving it a try


My body loves to be fat.

Ask the 6 year old or 40+ year old me.

Aside from when I had active Grave’s disease & prior to radiation, I’ve been on a strict diet my whole life.

I just look at a piece of bread or alcoholic drink and *poof*! Gain 7 lbs overnight and take 6 months to lose it, starving and killing myself on the elliptical or treadmill.

I’m willing to try a programme that has a description that appeals to my scientific mind. I took a questionnaire and it was if they could read my deepest thoughts.

I barely eat and am a muscle burner.

I am a “foodophobe” : I’m terrified that any amount of food will put on weight fast.

And I’m weary of the 90mins/day, starvation regime. My inner Marine has gone on a cruise, she is nowhere to be found and is probably enjoying a margarita and cookie dough while wearing a bikini somewhere.


This programme sounds somewhat familiar to me getting some results with lifting weights and drinking coffee.

I go into the anerobic zone, recover a bit, and my body responds.

It does not respond to spinning or yoga (inflammation).

So, here’s the Metabolic Aftershock programme:
1. Breakfast- my sfh whey shake with 1T of psyllium husks and 60mg Mg and dash salt.
2. Lunch – good protein like chicken, fish, lamb with vegetables.
3. Dinner- another shake

Snacks in-between of protein plus veg if hungry

That’s a ton of food for me.

3 DVDs for 9 weeks
Using your own body weight
45 sec of blood-pumping resistance
Rest as long as you need
Max 15 mins, 3x a week

DVD 1- starting out and stability
DVD 2- building
DVD 3 – burn zone and Maintenence

I ordered the programme yesterday for $37 plus tax.

I will let you know how it goes.

Day 1: having breakfast weird, I’m full.

Please, no suggestions of “moderation”. That DOES NOT WORK for an insulin and leptin resistant person.

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