Pattern and Solids School:Lame to Luxe


Some of the more sophisticated looks you might see are a mix of prints or mix of textures of the same colour or pattern families.

I know you’re thinking “no, I can’t do this! Scary! Clashy!”

You’ll have many more outfits in your closet….


This is the easiest and can turn your closet from lame to luxe.

Same colour, different textures. Think

Black knit tank (base colour)
Velvet black jacket (shine)
Black knitted pencil skirt (texture and pattern)
Or black snakeskin shoes (pattern, texture, shine)

Here’s a sneaky one I use for running errands:
Black yoga pants and zip top
Fuzzy black vest
Patent leather loafers
Sleek pony hair

Guys, you can do monochrome too-
(more going-out than at work):

Black knit crewneck tee (base)
Black Velvet blazer (Texture)
Quilted bomber (Texture, pattern)
Black jeans
Black Loafers or Black and white Infotec Millionaire Loafers

Your wardrobe suddenly looks sophisticated and expensive when it’s really not.

Mixing prints is very sophisticated and I can share some “rules” with you:

1. Concentrate on the COLORS
Example: coordinate Navy and Cream of one print with Navy, Cream and Red of another print.

Start with black and white and stripes with various prints. From my own closet:
Colour: Black and white
Shape Families: Zebra, floral, giraffe


The Zebra peplum jacket “goes” with the floral/giraffe reversible scarf. A black belt would be a great way to tie them together even better. I could also wear a blue Zebra scarf since it’s in the same print family.

Here’s an example from my closet that I didn’t see until today.
Colour: Aqua blue
Shape Family: Paisley
So cute worn with boyfriend jeans!


2. Pair different SCALES of the same print. Bold, big black and white stripes with small, pinstripes of black and white. COLOUR is still key here.

3. Use TEXTURE as a kind of print:
I’ve had so many compliments on this new one inspired by Vogue:


Red floral print blouse with a dark colour that “goes” with the textured Navy lace floral tank.
Colour: dark navy
Print family: floral


A nice intro video with some examples:

Have fun expanding that wardrobe!


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