Don’t shy away from saying “I’m sorry”


I switched my phone from AT&T to Verizon today.

I know.

I may need a stretcher.

The process was kind of involved and stressful.

My mom needs Verizon for living in the SW and I got upset with AT&T a bit ago with the rudeness I experienced at a store over their billing error.

I learned that mum and I could actually share a single account that did not involve 5 addresses (yes, there were 5 across 2 carriers).

I use 6GB with maps and online stuff on the go, she whittled her usage to 1GB. The best deal, it turns out, was 12GB to share.

But getting there was trying with various websites passwords, bloodtypes…

I groused at Verizon’s salesman,  Juan, who was just trying to help me.

And then I realised it.

I’m being an ASS.

I apologized. “I’m so sorry for grousing at you, Juan, it’s not your fault.”

And, by the end of the call, I had him laughing.

And me feeling more like the person I want to be.

Today, I ate crow.

And with some salad, cheese, and tobasco, it was pretty good.


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