Hoppity cheaper flight app!


Check out the Hopper app

It’s not a price comparer as much as a price predictor.

I looked at flying from Houston to Phoenix for one person and compared it with Orbitz.

What I like about Hopper:
*Easy to use
*Green, Orange, Red price prediction in a calendar view to help you save $ if you can shift travel a day or 2.
*Alerts you can set up if the price is changing
$304 was round trip price

Compared to Orbitz:
Orbitz tries to mix and match airlines to get a dirt cheap flight.

Please don’t mix and match if going in and out of Phoenix.

The terminals are 1,2&3 and you can have several B10 gates and easily miss your flight there.

So, let’s just use United, nonstop.

Hopper:$304 with more flights and bunnies!
Orbitz:$298.20 fewer flights, you have to watch for mix and match
United.com $414

So, there you go, another arsenal in your financial toolbox!


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