Boo for Belk! :(


Let’s talk loungewear.

And not the ugly, cruddy stuff like penguin PJ bottoms and sweatshirts that only 18 year olds can wear and still look cute.

No, this is the grown-woman big leagues.

Pretty things to make me feel sexy and still attractive for my husband but that I can still run around the house and not freeze to death.

The market for this is nearly non-existant.

I refuse to become Mrs. Roper even if I have the flu.

Yoga pants and pretty lace top?
Yes, sometimes.

But, oh, a lovely chemise.

Pretty little slip-like house dress.

I’m in love with the Wacoal embrace-soft and stretchy, covers-all-my-bits in pretty lace.

I bought 2 the other day and really wanted an extra colour then I saw that Belk had some for nearly half off.

I bit.

And 20% off if I got a store card? ( I don’t recommend this if you are in debt and have trouble with debt or still need a FICO score).

I applied and within minutes, gleefully had my card via email.


It didn’t work.

Many phone calls later to the powerless, I was told, “once you receive the card, activate it, then cancel it.”

Oh that makes great sense.

My God.

Ok, Belk. It’s on.

I went looking for a coupon at couponsherpa.

Total was $105

But, when I went to check out: $142


Ok, fine, I will try and get a Belk gift card for 11% off.

Tried to checkout and the button did not work.

It’s a sign.

The answer is “no”.

So, there you go, Belk can jump off a cliff and I got a credit-slap-on-the-hand.

I will try elsewhere, for other styles and with my debit card.


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