Rosacea, eczema great product


I have a love/hate relationship with Dr C’s office.

Remember that I recently went in the day after Superbowl Sunday (vodka, taquitos, cake) and he uttered the terrifying words “Let’s get a weight on her.”

And “yep, you are a bit overweight and have Rosacea”

And “eczema of the lips”


I’m overweight and crusty.

Like that little walrus from Elf, I’m crying:

But there is hope.

Albolene ointment cleanser for my face. It’s so nice and made the crustiness and redness go away in 2 days.

Lip ointment: healing the fissures on my lips for the first time ever.


And being at the ranch, I can stick to my coffee-during-day and salad at night routine. It’s more difficult in town because I know where the Sprinkles store is…

I would add exercise, but this headcold wins for now.

Dr C found professional, used climbing treadmills for me after I explained about our condo’s basement creeper (I think he is gone now but we will see).

Love Albolene.

Available at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens.


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