Flunking the doctors and Cave Bears


Here’s a tip: Never go to the doctor’s office the day after Superbowl Sunday.

I was 7 lbs overweight šŸ˜¦




I can’t have ANY fun!

“Why did you EVEN schedule THAT?!”

I’m looking into getting some cosmetic help for my saggy eyebrows that are now beginning to cover my eyes (I catch myself physically pulling up my brows to see as per Great Great grandma Pearson in photo above).

Photographer: “Oh, Mrs. P, look SURPRISED! Good!”

I can imagine what she would say. “So, vat you doing? Messy wit God’s design, dere?”

“Kind of, Grandma. I’m this close to using duct tape so that I can see.”

“Beh! youuur photos fine to me.”

“Perhaps but it’s a lot of work my forehead has to do.”


Dr. C said yesterday “Ok, hold the mirror, close your eyes, relax your forehead.

Now open your eyes slowly.”


Like when my phone camera is flipped to me when I’m not expecting it.

Cro Magnon girl plus Grandma P (sorry, Grandma P).

“Me cooking Cave Bear!”

Grandma P. again:
“Vat ees dis Cyave Beeear?! Go and churn de butterr, you don’t need eyes for eet!”


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