The year of bad toilet paper



I love that store.

I has super
*mixed nuts-great variety of large cashews, crinkly walnuts, macadamias, perfectly salted

*Olive oils- vast array of high quality oils from Italy and Spain

*many items like Sonicare brushes, that will pay for your membership in 1visit.

But (pun intended) lets talk toilet paper.

Specifically, the range of worst to best.

The worst on the planet resides in Peru. It is pink or green and scratchy, the chunks of wood visible to the naked eye. It’s an extra charge at hotels as are forks, knives..I digress.

The best is Charmin Ultra Soft Mega roll. So soft, your bits don’t know it’s there. The Mega roll rarely needs a change. Nearest to alpaca fur there is.

In between, but closer to Peruvian paper is Costco’s Kirkland brand paper.

I bought 1 huge package of it last year.

Rather than the hassle of returning it, explaining “it hurts my bits”, it became RANCH paper.

And it died a slow septic death over many weekends.

Charmin USM is one item I will buy over food every single time, coupon or no.

Other places I don’t scrimp:
*Coffee (I do like the charred flav of Starbucks and my homemade Peaberry 8-12 minute roasts)

*Lettuce (Iceburg is probably from Peru)

*Eye shadow (nothing says “hot”more than creases and runs of colour, no?)

How about you?
What items over food?


One thought on “The year of bad toilet paper

  1. Costco used to have great toilet paper but they changed it a couple of years ago. Not sure what they were thinking.

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