Melbourne calling


Each morning, this momma hen checks on her little endo and adeno chickens on Facebook.

And this morning was different.

I got a live message on Facebook Messenger from a young lady new to knowing she was cursed with endo. She was lost and sad and looking for answers.

Then my phone rang via Messenger.

I put it on speakerphone and I recognised a Melbourne accent right away.

The horses could wait a bit.

I felt I was leading her through a scary forest laden with medical terms and pain.

She wanted to understand her medical report.

“They took out my fu**in’ tyoobe. That’s boolsh**..sorry my language.”

I said “oh honey, that’s okay. Those are some of my favourite words and I think with endo, we get an extra pass.”


“Yes. They had to save your life hun. I’m so sorry.”

Really, she needed the words of a veteran to verify that she wasn’t crazy and had every right to be upset. I gave her a few tools, a map of specialists, what terms mean, and the name of a helpful book.

I later texted, “Go get your favourite treat today and a hot pad and rest.”

I’m not really sure where this will go, but I am here.

For them.


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