Acceleration Miracle


Joel Osteen’s messages inspire me.

Today he is speaking about how when you give, God accelerates good things in your life.

Years ago, angry and in mental and physical pain, I would have though “oh, hooey”.

Despite my layoff, we began to give more to charities and our church, who, in turn, gave to the battered women’s shelter in Huntsville.

How could we do that?

We continued to live below our means, using Dave Ramsey’s suggested budget.

We are content.

We had an offer on our ranch before it hit the market and a contract 2 weeks after it first listed with 2 backup buyers.

We thought if it sold in 18 months that would be good.

And just yesterday, the sellers on the AZ property said they would give us all their furniture for free.

They are anxious to be near their grandkids again.

God is great.

And can accelerate things in your life.

Don’t give up.


Take care of your finances, get out of debt, then you can take care of others and miracles begin to happen in your life.


Believe it.

They do happen.

I’m near tears in awe of the massive blessed changes that have happened in our lives in such a short time.

I just ask that God continues to use me for good, to do His work. “Show me God, show me how to use me and I will do it.”

That is my continuous prayer.



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