Days with the Horses


There’s a sadness and a longing creeping up on me.

Our ranch has sold and the horses (horse and donkey) go with it. They are 20ish and would not fare well in a long trip to a retirement home in AZ that has no room for livestock. The buyer is a family friend and the horses will go into his father’s herd next door.

I worry like the mum of a first grader. Will they find their place in the herd OK? Not be picked on too much with the other horses in the field?

My giant babies who want to snuggle on my lap and be spoken to gently.

My husband is travelling to the Mid East for a week and I know that I need some days with the hoofed ones.

Being inefficient.

Doing nothing.

Just being.

I have tackled so much at the condo this winter that now I’m feeling a kind of OCD soul-crushing.

Scanning files into the computer, combining 2 households into one as well as keeping up with the kitchen and endless laundry. Years and years of paper are going digital. An entire suitcase full. Tons of spices for future meals. Paprika coming out my ears.

I need a break from here.

To be with my horse and donkey. To be simple, feeding them, petting them, watching them.

Flying kites if the wind cooperates.

Burning the suitcase full of papers.

Packing up some of the vintage items that would look nice in the condo.

Then I can return to finishing the scanning, the organising; preparing our lives for our next chapter.

Until then.

The art of doing nothing.

Just being.


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