Videos, There’s Periscope


Just when I told you I don’t do videos and inspired by Jon Acuff, I found an easy way to make simple,  low production how-to videos of stuff I do. At the spur of the moment, like Mr, Bialystock, I can make shows that may never make it big.

As in “The Producers”..

“Springtime for you-know-who and Germany…”


I don’t have to get all ‘did’ up, just show how I do things that make life easier or more fun.

You need to download the Periscope app to view it them. I make them live and you can see what I do and it also keeps a recording if you miss the live “show”.

Periscope is a live streaming video social media app that is the next big thing. Check out this map below: red means live, blue means recorded. You can check anywhere in the world and see life through the lens of others.

*A parade.
*Someone walking a dog.
*Jon showed his kids’ fort they had built from a cardboard box.

Amazing. You can just click on the map and “Periscope” around the world.


Roasting coffee:

Part 2

So there you are, I’m on “TV” so to speak…

I had 7 viewers on my first show.

My husband wanted to be sure “you’re not showing your face, right? Because ‘creepers’?”

Lol. (You can block them)

The Producers. 1968. Written by Mel Brooks


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