Somersizing not working for me


Post holidays.

Total gain:

10 friggin’ pounds.

I tried Somersizing. It seems it may work best on those who have 50+ lbs to lose.

What works for me?

No alcohol. Period.

Not even to watch “The Bachelor” on Monday nights.

Starvation & weight lifting 2x a week (I do eat more on lifting days).

Breakfast: coffee that I have roasted myself 🙂

Late Lunch (3-5 pm): Big salad with meat and some cheese.

Dinner: sfh whey isolate protein shake, 10 almonds and 3 pats butter with salt.

7 lbs to go

You get used to it, really.

In my 20s, I thought that by the time I got to near 50 (so old! Lol), I could just eat cookie dough and let it all go.

But no.

50 is the new 30 and I’ll be damned if I look like 50 from the 1940s (no hair colour, no lasix, no fillers)….

No, that’s Cinderella’s evil stepmom- not wanting good for anyone else.

I think of it as “invested in me and my marriage”. I want to seem cute to that older woman in the mirror and to Mr. W.

When I feel cute, I’m a happier, nicer version of me. If I have cursed at you in Houston traffic in a cockney accent, I apologise, unless you did something wrong ” Oi! Mate! Bollocks!”. I’m still working on that…

I will fight looking older than I feel and tell you my secrets as I go.


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