Roasting my own coffee


I’m a nerd.
Took things apart as a kid.
Drank coffee as a toddler.

I’m part Gail from Breaking Bad.

A coffee aficionado.

This morning, I think I replicated Starbucks.

1. green coffee beans (
Try a Tanzanian peaberry if they have it
2. Air popcorn popper (eBay)

Roast about 3oz at a time (3/4 of a 1/2 cup)

1. Put the green beans in popper
2. Have a bowl to collect bean chaff
3. Plug in popper
4. Roast for 8-12 mins for light roast
5. Roast to 25 mins to get that dark Starbucks flavour.
6. Put roasted beans into airtight container for 24 hours
7. Grind to drip, French press…
8. Use 2 level Tablespoons per 6oz (small cup of coffee)
9. Boil water, wait 20 seconds, pour over coffee
10. Plunge if French press

Some don’t like the dark long roast and some bean proprietors call Sbucks “Charbucks”.

Woa, that’s kinda mean.

Who knew this drama was happening in the coffee world?

I happen to like my coffee very strong and charred but am willing to create lighter roasts to get the nuance of flavours that are purported to be there.

What is the sommelier equivalent in coffees?

I don’t know yet, but I can’t imagine I am the first to wonder about this.

Also, does it make economic sense to do this?

What is the cheapest green coffee bean that will still make good coffee?

I shall report back after my second or third cup…


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