A week without a smartphone, it’s 1972


My Motorola Nexus 6 had a meltdown Sunday night.

It is “bricked”.



It will turn on only to show the poor green droid supine as if on an operating table.

A year’s worth of photos that I was going to upload to the laptop this week, gone.


The Grand Canyon
New Zealand
South Bend
New Years

All gone.

But what really made me sad:
All my cartoon plants from Plant Nanny app.
I just planted the 500-seed ghost plant.


And now no phone.
It’s made me realise that my tablet is no replacement.

Thank God I still have some google contacts and a google calendar.

But I have to study a map to find out where I’m going and may resurrect my watch that sits in a drawer.

It’s 1972.

I get around town by memorization or notes on scratch paper.
Or going into stores and asking for directions (“Oh yaaas, honey, that’s catty corner from us…”)

I actually ask for appointment cards.

I saw a sad, abandoned payphone in an empty lot the other day.

People will say silly things like
“well, you could call..”
” I’ll text you…”
“Did you see that funny video….”



No phone!
No camera!
No Interwebs!
No maps!
No texts!

It’s 1972.

I have an old payphone and bellbottoms.

There aren’t even handheld hairdryers or curling irons yet….

I’ll just be sitting here all day, waiting for my hair-in-orange juice-cans to dry, writing notes with my quill pen….


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