World-class pork chops with scallion cream sauce


I thought my husband was kookoo for my lemon chicken until I made these pork chops with scallion sauce (modified from Suzanne Somer’s Recipe Bible of low glycemic dishes)

“World class” he said. And he hates onions.

“Better than Mr. Peeples!”

Tools (these make the difference)
*Meat thermometer (Walmart)
*Oven thermometer (Walmart)
*Tramontina 10″ pan (
*2 silicon mitts with cotton lining graded to handle 400F temps (I burned my hand recently)

*Brine – do the day before
1 T Maple extract
3/4 C Kosher salt
2 1 Gallon Ziploc baggies
Filtered water
2 thick 1″ pork chops

Add the chops and brine overnight in fridge

(at least 6 hours. It doesn’t make it salty, it breaks down the meat and softens the texture and reduces cooking time)

Mix all in the baggie, being sure chops are covered by water, salt, maple mixture.

Later in the day or next day:

*Scallion Sauce
(get this cooking while you do the meat or tofu)
(Also goes well with chicken or straight out of the bowl apparently)

“Can this be eaten as SOUP??!” asked a wild-eyed Mr. Wannabe ala Spongebob Squarepants when he has his googly eyes going…


*Scallion Sauce (big batch)
1 bag boiler onions (about 30), sliced thin or minced or 2 sweet yellow onions chopped via food processor.
2 T butter (the real stuff)
1 C chicken broth
2 C heavy cream
Salt, pepper to taste
Sauce pan

Over med heat in sauce pan, brown the minced scallions in 2T butter until they start to brown and soften.
Add the stock, bring to a simmer, stir.
Add cream, let simmer about an hour simmering here and there on low-med..
Add salt and pepper to taste.

*Cook the chops:
Put oven thermometer in oven to calibrate
Put 1 oven rack in the middle.
Preheat oven to 400F. In my case, preheat to 425, then back it back down. Stupid oven.
Take chops out of brine ziploc. Drain the chops, pat dry with paper towel.
Heat Tramotina pan to Med High
Add 2T butter, melt
Sear first side of chops for 8 mins or so until you get a 1/4 ” super crispy brown side, then flip to sear other side a bit.
Put pan of chops in oven, cook 20 minutes if you have a crap oven like me or 10 minutes with a good oven and check meat temp with thermometer every 8 mins until it reaches 145 F.
Let meat rest 5 minutes and drizzle with pan drips or butter.

Serve with scallion sauce on the side with a little bowl, mentioning that there’s lots of sauce for dipping, sipping and leftover chicken. 😀

The remainder of the sauce should freeze if there are leftovers because of the cream.

Bon appetite!


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