Why I don’t do videos


A question posed by one of my lovely readers “Will Suzewannabe become something bigger?”

I had thought
*Today Show (kidding)

It’s a Venn diagram thing.

All planets would need to align:

*Is the video camera charged? (Ugh, no)
*Is my hair “did”? (Probably no)
*Are my lashes on?
*Is my makeup done?
*Are my teeth whitened?
*Is the editing software cooperating?
*Am I at my goal weight as to counteract the pounds the video camera adds?

And on and on…

I’m feeling anxious just writing this…

So, no, not unless I have a “glam squad” and a ghost writer would this happen.

Writing on my Android phone makes me HAPPY and hopefully helps or entertains you 🙂

I suppose if I was 30ish and needed to produce a lot of income during this latest oil crash, I would hustle until the cows came home.

But I am
not 30ish.

And those heady years of burning the candle at both ends and struggling home, starving, in my commuter sled on a dark freeway only to do it all again in a few hours are done.

That felt exhausting just writing that.

And sad.

I wanna crawl under a duvet for a bit.

Better now.

Staying small is just fine.


One thought on “Why I don’t do videos

  1. I can relate to ALL of this. Have no desire to put myself in a video. I had to build up the courage just to use my first name.

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