Rx transfers for $$


Look closely in your grocery circulars from grocery stores (typically Safeway like Randall’s, Tom Thumb).

On the bottom of page 2 or 3, there are hidden gems worth $25 in a store gift card for each coupon and transferred prescription.

Not blessed with picture-perfect health from the get-go, I’m highly medicated.

I have some prescriptions that are so cheap, that the $25 transfer is worth it (54¢).

That’s $24.46 in free groceries!

I survived a really tough year in 2009 doing this.

A few notes:
*Manufacturers of generics vary in quality on some meds. I switched from CVS to Randall’s and don’t like the “new” med. It doesn’t work as well.
*If you have a 90 day script, transfer on the last month to test price, efficacy and quality.
*Ask the transferring pharmacy about the cost of your medication once you give them some insurance particulars.

Where do I GET THESE?!

Usually in the mail-don’t toss out Safeway, Tom Thumb or Randall’s. Kroger has them sometimes too.

Check the Flipp app.

Check eBay also.

Can’t use them?

Sell them on eBay for $1 or more!


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